I could select a bunch of different EPCOT songs here. Mostly, its value is in signifying that Phil Collins is about to get weird and (successfully) score an entire movie; but it also provides a saccharine mood for a low-key traumatic prologue in which a baby gorilla gets EATEN BY A TIGER! Written by Disney god Alan Menken with lyrics by Tim Rice—and sung by Aladdin stars Brad Kane and Lea Salonga in the film—“A Whole New World” won both an Oscar for Best Original Song and, in a first (and only!) But now? Although this is a duet, Belle and the Beast aren’t singing to or with each other. Gruttadaro: Did I spend the first decade and a half of my life thinking Mrs. Potts was singing “tailor’s old as time” and that “Beauty and the Beast” was some allegory about a ridiculously aged suit-maker? Not coincidentally, the Shermans wrote this song as a tribute to Walt Disney, something you’ll realize when you think through the lyrics. Disney cleverly sprinkles it throughout the scenes. (It lost to “The Way We Were.”) Written by Disney music guru George Bruns and Floyd Huddleston and sung by Nancy Adams, it’s a breathy bit of romantic melancholia that Lana Del Rey really ought to cover this instant: “Once we watched a lazy world go by / Now the days seem to fly / Life is brief, but when it’s gone / Love goes on and on.” Indeed, in 2009, “Love” made the soundtrack to Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox, if you need further indication of the song’s enduring gorgeousness, which, of course, you don’t. And while it’s a pretty impactful scene in the film, “Hakuna Matata” may also be the most fun four minutes of any Disney animated movie. Many of these children cartoons are astonishingly well-crafted, be it storyline, song, character’s illustration etc. (Plus, the animation still looks incredible even 25 years later—just look at it in comparison with Jon Favreau’s forthcoming remake.) Let It Go anchored the blockbuster success of Frozen. That’s the miraculous achievement of the song. Sample lyric: “And as you sweep the room / Imagine that the broom / Is someone that you love and soon / You’ll find you’re dancing to the tune.” Aside from being the breakout hit on the very first commercially issued film soundtrack ever, “Whistle While You Work” is a relic from a much simpler era, when society could fathom no childhood fantasy more titillating than a handful of woodland creatures who are happy to help out around the house. All we need is the right soundtrack. Ma Belle Evangeline – The Princess and the Frog. Whenever anyone hears the phrase, “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” they can’t help but think of a timeless stage show at Tomorrowland. Alison Herman: This song is our introduction to Aladdin, Charming Rapscallion, which is crucial for maintaining our loyalty once he magically transforms into Aladdin, Filthy Rich Prince. When Disney brought Hannah Montana to the big screen in 2009, it was critical for Miley Cyrus to have an unforgettable song. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Release Date Announced, VIDEO: Check Out Weezer’s Version of ‘Lost In the Woods’ From ‘Frozen 2’ With Appearance By Kristen Bell, Check Out This Donkey Singing ‘Circle of Life’ from ‘The Lion King’. You’re damn right. Disney songs are some of the most relatable and inspiring songs not only because of the lovable characters who sing them, but also because of their well-written song lyrics. I’d write more, but I’m crying so much I can’t see my screen. Imagineers know to send you off smiling, as you think of this joyous melody. Recorded for Pinocchio in 1939, “When You Wish Upon a Star” won the 1941 Academy Award for Best Original Song, making it the first Disney song to snag an Oscar. “Circle of Life” isn’t just a song; it’s a saying the song popularized that has since crept into every corner of culture, whether through parodies of (or references to) the song itself or as a concept that the movie has lodged in the lexicon. Sure, the lyrics probably paint an unrealistic picture of adulthood—anything your heart desires will come to you?—but the fantasy is fun while it lasts. I ordered these alphabetically, and the outcome serendipitously works out the same as on the ride, Splash Mountain. And when you hear this song, you can’t help but feel like you’re in the room with them, watching them put on a show. is a highlight, a song that turns the jungle into a New Orleans bar circa 1934. Quasi wants to be noticed by Esmeralda, the woman with whom he has fallen in love, and as he looks out over the burning city of Paris, he wonders whether she is safe. Knibbs: The movie Hercules is a mess, which sucks because it has the best opening of any Disney movie, combining a surprisingly detailed overview of basic Greek mythology with a really catchy gospel tune from composer Alan Menken and playful animation (with a nice lead-in from Charlton Heston’s narrator). Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Theme Song | Disney 0:45. With Jon Favreau’s live-action-ish remake of The Lion King out later this week, we decided to rank the 40 best musical numbers ever from animated films put out by Disney. Gruttadaro: Also known as the less iconic, less annoying song from Frozen, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” is part of an elite group of Disney songs: The Ones That Play While Horrible Shit Is Going On. Regardless, the song is an uplifting reminder that change can be a good thing—as long as you come at it with the right attitude. Instead of calling him ugly, they refer to him as “one-of-a-kind.” The song, in true Disney fashion, moves through three different key changes and several different beats, all the while making you feel like the gargoyles are your personal cheer squad.

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