State machine diagrams can also be used to express the usage protocol of part of a system. contains the submachine state is called the containing state machine. A state is not allowed to have both regions and a submachine.  [ ','  states to the bar. A deep history is indicated by a small circle containing an "H*". If more than one of the guards evaluates to true, an arbitrary one is selected. different pseudostates. UML state diagrams use a notation that you may have already seen in our UML activity diagrams. A composite state Vertex is named element which is an abstraction of a node in a state machine graph. 3. The following are the reserved activity labels: Simple state Waiting for Customer Input with name and internal activities compartments. Figure 1. in the scope of the owning entity. A region is defined in UML 2.4 as an orthogonal part of either Notice the use of fork and join pseudo-states, rather than choice and merge pseudo-states. Notice that not all events are valid in all states; for example, if a door is opened, you cannot lock it until you close it. (this is known as a merge). and provide the means for accessing the behavioral feature parameters within the state machine. (Note, that region is defined back as an orthogonal part of either a composite state or a state machine.) A state machine diagram models the behaviour of a single object, specifying the sequence of events that an object goes through during its lifetime in response to events. It applies to the state region that Generally, composite state is defined as state that has substates (nested states). Behavior What is State Machine Diagram? a behavioral model comprising actions and states or state transitions.The diagram provides for an initial and final state and at least one intermediary state for each object within the model. Create A state machine When Behavior Differs Based on State. but in general it could contain other kinds of UML diagrams. This transition is enabled if all the guards labeling the other transitions are false.) A state is denoted by a round-cornered rectangle with the name of the state written inside it. State diagrams require that the system described is composed of a finite number of states; sometimes, this is indeed the case, while at other times this is a reasonable abstraction. UML State Machine Diagram Example Preview Place The Final State In The Bottom-Right Corner When transitioning from one state to another, a chain of onExit and onEntry functions is called. to the receptions and operations of this classifier. An internal transition executes without exiting or re-entering the state in which A composite state or state machine with regions is shown by tiling the graph region of the state/state machine using Transitions originating from composite states are called [ guard ]  Optionally, state may have state name placed inside an attached name tab. otherwise, it is referred to as an indirect substate. Transitions are triggered by the dispatching of series of events. Region contains states and transitions. connected with State Machine Diagram Cheat Sheet : Welcome to my UML 2 State Machine Diagrams tutorial! Deferrable Trigger – A list of events that are not handled in that state but, rather, are postponed and queued for handling by the object in another state A… The door can be in one of three states: "Opened", "Closed" or "Locked". executing their exit activities starting with the innermost states UML 2.4 defines composite state as the state which contains one or more If none of the guards evaluates to true, then the model is considered ill-formed. corresponding to the outgoing transition from the junction. An exit point is shown as a small circle with a cross on the border of the state machine diagram or composite state, with This behavior is represented as a series of events that can occur in one or more possible states. conditions evaluate to false are disabled. If it is unlabeled, it represents any transition from the enclosing state. link will be selected and followed (behavior-expression), and transition fired. and click coordinates are in active_window (guard), State machine could be rendered in the frame labeled as state machine or A transition string may be shown near the bar. machine is in a nested state within this state. A submachine state is semantically equivalent to a composite state. never been active before. People often confuse state diagrams with flowcharts. Reactive systems can be defined as a system that responds to external or internal events.Statechart diagram describes the flow of control from one state to another state… where each item has the form as described for trigger. The Locationfield enables you to select a model to store the diagram. the state machine to an occurrence of an event of a particular type. DestroyObjectAction. Entry actions of and which attributes and operations are available in activities of the state machine. to the syntax above or using graphical symbols on a transition. The event pool Statechart diagram is one of the five UML diagrams used to model the dynamic nature of a system. A state machine without a context classifier may use triggers that are independent State Name – Name of State 2. directly encloses it. of a composite state. The special case of the transition from the junction having a history as target may optionally be presented trigger ]* A state is a condition during the life of an object which it may either satisfy some condition for performing some activities, or waiting for some events to be received. here: Behavioral state machine is specialization of The behavior-expression is executed if and when the transition fires. transition. Simple state is shown as a rectangle with rounded corners and the state name inside the rectangle. In this state machine, when a washing machine is running, it will progress from "Washing" through "Rinsing" to "Spinning". Entering a terminate pseudo-state indicates that the lifeline of the state machine has ended. state nodes does not have a special notation. Running state is entered at the "History State" but not sufficient condition for the firing of a transition. Then when the power is restored, the that is the source for a single transition to the default state must be the classifier that owns the behavioral feature. A state machine diagram describes the response of an object to outside stimuli. A state can have a transition that returns to itself, as in the following diagram. the transitions between these. Select outgoing transition based on condition. 1. behavioral transition, are performed. Hierarchical state machine allows to model state as a tree, the goal is to gather states that share common transitions. which models a situation during which some (usually implicit) invariant condition holds. will be invoked. Final state is a special kind of State machine diagram is a UML diagram used to model the dynamic nature of a system. symbol meaning that it should resume where it last left-off. A state machine diagram is a behavior which specifies the sequence of states an object visits during its lifetime in response to events, together with its responses to those events. A transition to the enclosing state A history state is used to remember the previous state of a state machine when it was interrupted. Composite state may have state name placed inside an attached name tab. incoming transitions into a single outgoing transition representing a shared transition path Submachine state:The submachine state is semantically identical to the composite state, but it can be reused. Place The Initial State In The Top-Left Corner 3. The following diagram illustrates the use of history states. The compartments of the state are: Name compartment holds the (optional) name of the state, as a string. behaviored classifier Several labels are reserved for special purposes and cannot be used as event names. In compound transitions involving multiple guards, all guards are evaluated before a transition is triggered, The emphasis is on the role of UML state machines in practical, everyday programming rather than mathematical abstractions. It is also possible to define actions that occur on events, or actions that always occur. Each region may have an optional name and contains the nested disjoint states and The alternative way to show the same information is as follows. For example, in the following sub-machine it would be normal to begin in the "Initializing" state, but if for some reason it wasn’t necessary to perform the initialization, it would be possible to begin in the "Ready" state by transitioning to the named entry point. of receptions or operations of a classifier, i.e., either just signal triggers or call triggers performed in the same run-to-completion step. Choice pseudostate realizes a dynamic conditional branch. Diagramming Software for Design UML State Machine Diagrams UML State Machine Diagrams Designing . unless there are choice points along one or more of the paths. A transition is a directed relationship between a source A state is a… that the state has a decomposition that is not shown in this particular diagram. submachine or composite state. a vertex This is true even if the state The syntax and conventions used in state machine diagrams will be discussed in full in the following sections. In the New Diagram window, selectState Machine Diagram. only one outgoing transition. The entry, exit, and behavior actions and internal transitions are defined as part of the for the state machine is the event pool of the instance according to the behaviored context classifier, distinct (different) states. A shallow history is indicated by a small circle containing an "H". A choice pseudostate is shown as a diamond-shaped symbol. one state configuration to another, representing the complete response of Internal transition compartment contains a list of internal transitions, it has no regions state Inherited states are drawn with dashed lines or gray-toned lines. Each region has a set of mutually exclusive disjoint subvertices and a set of transitions.

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