Now EF mount has upgraded 35/1.4L with that BR element and 85/1.4L without it. Lenses are all starting to render the same. Long story short, I will switch to Canon when the upcoming R5 offers a promised higher megapixel sensor and dynamic range. Please refresh the page and try again. I can’t decide if I prefer this one or the RF 50... Great see such achievements. It's a tad large on the the EOS R, but offers jaw-dropping performance. :). But we must not forget the 24-240, which is an affordable companion to the RP. Internal zoom: N/A I tried a Nikon Z7 with their native lenses and they are almost Otus like (50/1.8 & 85/1.8) quality on acutance and image quality. Nine diaphragm blades, meanwhile, promise to keep the diaphragm round for nicer out-of-focus highlights. We can’t really mark it down for its price because it’s designed to be good, not cheap, so it all depends on how much you want one…? Minimum focus distance: 0.85m Wow. Personally, I like carrying it, but it takes up enough space and weight that sometimes it does not make sense to carry. Je moet daarbij wel rekening houden met het feit dat de Canon RF 85mm F2 Macro IS STM niet tot 1:1 gaat zoals bijvoorbeeld de Canon EF 100mm F2.8L IS USM. @AshleyMC.. rather than getting snippy...have you considered rephrasing your question? Love all the slights in size and weight. The lens on test is joined by a slightly more costly (+$300) 'DS' variant, and while the it adheres to the same basic formula and optical design as the non-DS version, the ‘DS’ suffix denotes the presence of Defocus Smoothing technology. Filter size: 82mm All these Nikkors have a bunch of spherochromatism, and therefore that dreaminess you want. If you're looking for a high-quality camera, you don't need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. Review: Does the Canon Rebel T8i DSLR make sense in an increasingly mirrorless world? They aren't so huge as with 85/1.2L II but they are still present. Canon started boldly with RF lenses that show what they can do, but now they come up with smaller, less fast and more affordable lenses, too. I've spent $3,900 on Cyber Monday (so far), GuruShots: winning photographs from the Artistic Still Life contest, Take your photos to the next level with Luminar AI’s Templates. Buying expensive lenses is worth it if you are in these kind of business. It's shorter, but the 58mm f1.4G I'm sure has the look you want. This lens is an investment at it's own. It's the microcontrast and backgrounds. The new DJI Mavic Mini 2 includes several notable improvements over the original Mavic Mini, including 4K video, Raw photo capability, and DJI's robust OcuSync 2.0 transmission system. You can but an Otus which is MUCH more expensive and manual focus. Perfection is boring. All the same, the 135mm f2DC Nikkor has your name all over it. Find out how the Olympus M.Zuiko 12-100mm F4 Pro does as a travel companion on a trip to Oz. I recall the assumption of Mr. Abbot about the absence of BR in the long focus lens. By doing so, it’s better able to focus all wavelengths to the same point, which in turn helps to quash longitudinal chromatic aberration and increase sharpness at the focal plane. The ‘DS’ version will give you superior bokeh, but with less light transference. Helping to make its price tag a little easier to swallow, Canon has thrown a deep round lens hood into the box, as well as a pouch to keep it all protected when not in use. @badison Less weight is always better.. My comment was referring to this opinion I have read too often saying that a heavy lens on a heavy camera is fine, but that a heavy lens on a light camera is "awkward"... As long as you can make money with these lenses fine with me... lots of weddings in asia .... events in asia... thats alright. As a side note, I wonder what is T value of this Canon lens and how it compares vs that one of, say, its F1.4 lens. I would love to see a Canon RF 85/2.8 with Defocus Control and Perpective Control. Well, the 24-70 f/2 from Canon that you like so much is actually a 28-70 f/2 so not a very interesting lens if you need 24mm.Add to this, that the Nikon Z 24-70 2.8 outperforms everyone else's 24-70 2.8 already and Nikon is doing just fine with the Z mount lenses.Wit regards to the Canon 85mm 1.2, this lens looks amazing and rumor has it that Nikon is going to announce multiple 1.2 lenses including an 85, so hopefully soon we will have an Z 85 1.2.For now I will continue to use my Z 85 1.8s which is class leading and outperforms most 1.4 lenses on the market, even when those lenses are stopped down to 1.8. It’s easy to measure this lens and deem it “ close to perfect” but is there any room for “character” ? Visit our corporate site. no life above F1.2? Canon's RF mirrorless lenses have been highly lauded for their impressive image quality and for pushing the limits of design. I don't get that. "Canon colours not as good as they used to be imo, but havnt done H2H with a newer Fuji to compare recently either.". Unsurprisingly, the RF 85mm f/1.2 USM L is a member of the professional-grade L class in Canon's growing R-mount lineup. We've combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. Its image quality wide open is quite superb, and the autofocus performance can deliver sharp ‘eye’ shots time and time again, even with the razor-thin depth of field at f/1.2. If an 85mm F2 was as good at F2 as this F1.2 lens is, cost the same but was half the weight, they would buy it over the F1.2. Although it’s a technical and marketing accomplishment, this lens is just a joke in terms of practicality. And you pretty much already said it. At what price?8 have no doubt it's going to be a great combination IQ wise, but also expensive, big and heavy. The new RF mount lens are all very good quality, however my only issue is I can't afford any one of them. As the Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM is for the RF mount, sports the new control ring and is a new design, the nearest comparison is with its sibling the Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM DS. The 85mm … Plus, Fuji colors are even better than the very good Canon colors. So what is modified? I will check out for samples of this version too (but requires saving a lot more too). The best instant cameras in 2020 – from best instax to best Polaroid cameras, The best dash cam in 2020: constant protection for you and your vehicle, • Great hit rate of sharp ‘eye’ shots, • Pretty big and heavy on an EOS R body. Earlier this week we published our samples from the new Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN when mounted on a Sony body. This ring can be used to adjust shutter speed, lens aperture, EV compensation and ISO settings. I did h2h comparisons as well which really showed the insanely good picture you get from this 85mm f1.2. More so, definitely NOT in my question above. the price isn’t a problem for the target audience, remember that Zeiss Otus lenses, which sell very well at an average of $5,000, are even higher priced. The new Canon RF 85mm f/1.2 doesn’t just beat Canon’s old 85mm f/1.2 DSLR lens, it also beats the new EF 85mm f/1.4, especially for wide-open sharpness and contrast. And Raw files are available for download in the gallery. 'What's the best mirrorless camera?' Read on to see how this lens works with model portraits, smooth background bokeh, fast-moving kids, and in low-light scenarios. Unflattering for a portrait lens. So there are many different viable options on the market just have to decide what's best suited to your needs. I forgot to add the main attractiveness of the upcoming EOS R5 is its IBIS. no life above F1.2?". Effective focal length: 85mm Seems like a great lens for those that need it. Yes, it is bulky but I never would trade it's special image rendering in for what a smartphone does. Canon RF lenses are world class!!! The middle ground is coming. Nevertheless, the RF 85mm should prove a tempting option for early EOS R-series adopters with an appetite for fast glass and pockets deep enough to satisfy it. Announced in July 2020 it’s one of the more affordable lenses in the RF system. The lens most worthy of being designated the Canon RF 85mm F2 Macro IS STM Lens's predecessor, the Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Lens, remains an extremely popular model at review time — despite being 28 years old.With a focal length and relatively wide aperture combination ideally suited for our most important subjects, people, this ancient lens's usefulness was a key to … As a matter of fact, in the 70 and 80s only pros bought L lenses unless you saved up or had the bucks. You can however make a lens that is optically as good as this lens at slower apertures that isn't an F1.2. Would never part with it. And I happened to love them! As a hobby I will look for bargain price of the EF mount lens and use them with adapter on the mirrorless body. Thank you for signing up to Digital Camera World. What they didn't like: 'Size and weight make for awkward handling. Aint no techie ..... clients prefer that you get the job done fast because they want pictures to be posted quickly and printed fast. If you want to talk colours, im here. Using vapor-deposited coating technology, Canon has been able to smooth out dramatic bokeh for their Defocus Smoothing. It is already a tough sell due to the price. Alongside a trio of telephoto lenses, Canon also announced a new 85mm this week. The app includes automatic image transfer, gallery creation, editing tools and more. Christopher Frost Photography posted their Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM review. And there's really nothing to complain about. Well, the main difference is the new technology within the lens called the Defocus Smoothing, or DS for short. So if you want the best optical quality you must pay the price and put up with the weight of lenses like this F1.2 even if you never shoot it at F1.2. Raw conversions via Adobe Camera Raw at (mostly) standard settings unless otherwise noted. How is it not clear? I'd virtually never shoot it faster than f1.6 or f1.8. Such super fast lenses are really complex, so Canon would not be able to produce it for a few hundred bucks. If you compare the forehead between the eyes, I would say you would need to stop the new lens down to 2.8 to match the old one. Dan is an EOS 5D Mark IV users and has both DSLR lenses, but by the end of this test he was looking seriously at Canon’s mirrorless system when he never was before. Smaller and lighter lenses are then made. But if I was to get an EOS-R, I'd want a smaller lens, this seems big and heavy :S. Seems to be a perfect lens. This site tests hue accuracy for 20yrs on more than 100 cameras. Have fun with all the biter arguments over lenses! © The coating allows off-axis flux to pass through the periphery of the lens that gradually decreases the transmittance of light, which results in images with be… Helping to keep flare and ghosting down are Canon’s conventional multi-coatings, while a single application of the more advanced Air Sphere Coating (ASC) deals with ill effects from light passing either parallel or near parallel to the optical axis.

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